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We have created a handy application to make the task of calculating your soil texture easy. For those having trouble with the calculator or who want to do the math, we have provided the necessary details below and a simplified soil texture classifications chart. This chart is based on the USDA soil texture triangle, which provides an even higher level of detail when it comes to classifying soil texture. However, unless you have access to professional soil analysis equipment, this level of detail is beyond what is needed for the average gardener. Good luck!

Soil Texture Calculator Application:

For those that like math:

Measure the thickness of each layer and the entire sample. Divide the thickness of each layer by the thickness of the entire sample. Multiply each result by 100, and you will have the rough percentages of sand, silt, and clay that comprise your soil. Match your results to the chart to find out your soil texture type.

For example: if your sand layer is 20 16ths of an inch thick and the entire sample is 38 16ths thick, divide 20 by 38 to get .526 then multiply this by 100 to get 52.6%