Soil Texture Type Calculator

This application is designed to calculate and identify your soil texture based on the relative percentages of Sand, Silt and Clay stratified in a water and surfactant solution. To use the calculator you will need our specially calibrated Garden Tutor soil texture testing jar kit available here


To use the calculator make sure you have identified the layers of Sand, Silt, and Clay present (depending on your soil some users may or may not have all three soil texture types present)
Measure the thickness of each layer present on the jar ruler. Increments are = to 1/16th of an inch which is equal to .0625″ when converted to decimal format.

Record the number of increments for each layer and then use this handy soil texture calculator to identify your soil type automatically. Please note that we have simplified the USDA soil texture chart so your soil type will be an approximation. To determine your exact soil texture type, you must have a laboratory test performed. However, for gardeners, the Jar test result is really all that you need.

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