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At Garden Tutor, we create unique, effective, and practical tools that help gardeners thrive. From our award-winning Garden Tutor course to our Garden Tutor-branded soil testing and garden design products. Garden Tutor is a pioneering brand that combines innovative products with in-depth how-to garden information.

About Founder

Angus Junkin Founder of Garden Tutor

My name is Angus Junkin, founder of Garden Tutor. The idea for Garden Tutor was born in 1994 as I was graduating college. Having gardened since I was ten years old (thanks Mom!), I discovered it as a real passion. So much so, that at age 12, I worked on a town-owned vegetable farm that supplied local food banks with produce. I also worked for a wonderful woman who was too old to care for her gardens but guided me as I did the work. In high school and college, I started and grew a successful landscaping business and I have been providing gardening help and advice ever since then.

While helping my landscape customers, I found that many clients were interested in gardening but didn’t know how to get started. In a “eureka” moment in 1994, I came up with the answer: provide aspiring gardeners with a hands-on course and kit that delivers a solid gardening foundation. From this idea, Garden Tutor was born. The Garden Tutor kit was a Doubleday Direct Book Club selection and sold over 12,000 kits worldwide. Garden Tutor has taught thousands of people how to garden.

In 2019, we launched gardentutor.com to provide innovative gardening products combined with top tier information.

A front yard filled with garden beds and plants that help s to demonstrate the concept of arrangement in garden design
A mixed planting in a perennial garden to emphasize the use of variety when designing a garden

Who needs Garden Tutor?

Anyone looking for great gardening products backed up with great gardening information

Our Mission

The art of gardening is more than simply helping things grow. It’s about bringing life and beauty into this world. Beautiful bushels of bright color. Nourishing fruits and vegetables. The greenery that feeds the world around us and brings life to the space we inhabit. We’ve made bringing this life to the world our mission.

From innovative products that make work easy. To our free courses on how to better understand the science behind how things grow. Our mission is to make the world a little greener, one yard, one pot, one plant at a time.

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