Garden Tutor is ideal for new gardeners who want to jump start their gardening endeavors.  If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days of your order, we will gladly refund your money. If you purchased the kit we will even pay your return postage (within the United States only).

Please contact us here and request a refund.

Refund/Return Policy:

  1. Refunds can only be made to the original credit card that you used to purchase the Garden Tutor Course and/or Kit. If that card has been closed or cancelled, we can still issue a credit to the originating card provider. Please allow 5-7 business days for the credit to be processed. 
  2. We must be able to verify your purchase to issue you a refund so please provide us with your original order confirmation email to help us validate your purchase.
  3. Once a return is requested and approved we will immediately close your account and you will no longer have access, all coursework and information stored in your account will become inaccessible to you and subject to deletion.
  4. For customers who purchased the Garden Tutor kit we will email you a USPS return label that you can print out and affix to your return shipment.
  5.  When returning the kit please use the original shipping box that it came in. Please return all items. If there are multiple items missing, we will not be able to refund you for the full price of the kit and a prorated credit will be made. 
  6. We do not accept returns after 30 days from your original order. If you are having an issue with a specific kit component please contact us and we will replace the item at no cost if we determine it is defective.
  7. We reserve the right to make changes to our return policy at any time.



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