Elements of Gardening


Scale A sense of scale can help when designing a garden. Keep the relative sizes and distances of the plants in mind, because the way

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Symmetry In general, symmetry involves mirror-imaging: items are symmetrical if their parts are uniformly balanced and spaced on each side of a dividing line. Items

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Simplicity Simplicity when designing can be good. While you don’t want to overdo it, deliberate spacing, uncluttered beds, repetition of plants, and simple lines can

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Variety A garden with a broad assortment of plants and arrangements can be a genuine delight. A variety of different plants can open new doors

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Arrangement is essential to implementing a garden style. The following core concepts will provide you with the building blocks for arranging beautiful gardens and landscapes.

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Plant Types

Plant Types Woody Plants Deciduous shrubs Woody plants that lose their leaves at the end of the growing season are deciduous. Some offer dazzling floral

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Climate A climate is an average range of weather conditions in a particular place. This place can be as broad as the entire planet or

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Soil Soil is the medium that plants grow in, and it consists of air, moisture, minerals, and organic matter. It also includes the microorganisms that

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Sun Adequate sunlight for plants is essential, if they don’t get the sunlight they need they simply will not grow well. There are two things

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