How to grow Dwarf Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum humile)

Dwarf Solomon’s seal (Polygonatum humile) is an excellent plant for shallow soil and rock gardens in part sun to full shade. It’s the cutest little thing and spreads nicely. In the spring it has white elongated bell like flowers. It tends to get bleached out in full sun and eventually dies but with sufficient watering it will survive in part sun conditions. It needs moist well drained soils to thrive but can handle a dry spell here and there. Unfortunately slugs love it so if you have slug problems keep that in mind. One way to manage slugs is to grow Dwarf Solomon’s seal in pots and put a copper band around the pot (slugs hate copper). Deer tend to leave it alone. It divides easily so once a colony starts you can dig some of the individual plants out to spread it around or share it with friends (it makes a wonderful and unique housewarming gift).

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