Garden Tutor course overview and navigation

Purple Allium hollandicum

Before you start:

1) This course is 100% free but works even better with the Garden Tutor kit:

All components that are included in the master garden tutor course kit (ph test kit, soil texture test kit, drafting kit, garden layout graph paper, compass, tape measure and soil test mailing kit.

Have a look around and if you like what you see we highly recommend our acclaimed how to garden kit that is fully integrated into the Garden Tutor course.

2) Garden Tutor course overview:

The Garden Tutor course is broken down into two Sections, eight modules, and 23 lessons.

Complete Garden Tutor Course Syllabus

3) Garden Tutor course access and navigation:

To access the course, go to our Learning page that is accessible from the main menu at the top of any page.

Once on the learning page, scroll down to the Course module grid and select “Module 1: Site” to begin taking the course.

Course Module Grid Example

The Toolbox section of our site is integral to the course and provides supporting information, applications, and charts. Throughout the course, we refer to the toolbox, and you can access it from the main navigation menu on the site. The toolbox is also a great resource for you to use after you have completed the Garden Tutor course, so be sure to come back often and use the toolbox.




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